The Ascension of Ava Delaine

Shot entirely on drone in a single take, The Ascension of Ava Deliane, and distributed by Hewes Pictures, our 5 min short garnered massive merit at festivals including the $10K grand prize at AT&T SHAPE’s for Best Mobile Film.
Pinup Garage

Pinup models’ non-stop wardrobe malfunctions, photographers’ secret success tips and the on-site repairs and detailing adventures of rare and expensive classic cars, Pinup Garage is preserving the history of classic cars in this proof-of-series ready for development.

Clumsy Dancer

She’s got moves – but are they the right ones?

A dancer, pretending to have less experience than she has, consults with a latin ballroom instructor while hiding ulterior motives in our short, dance-based romantic comedy film now at festivals.

Coming Out

Own Yourself

A girl, after asking another woman to meet for coffee, is slow to tell her why she wanted the meeting, but the other woman is quick to accurately guess in our short, LBGTQ film now at festivals.


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